Expert Launch Marketing and Product Launch Insights.

  AU, November 2021

Who are we?

We’ve assembled a panel of highly experienced senior marketers, investors and founders from around the world and from both large global corporates right down to scale ups to help unlock the secrets of launching brands, products and services.

What do we do?

From identifying how to overcome issues with internal alignment throughout the launch period to the role PR plays in Launch Marketing, we focus in on a different element of product launch each meeting with the hope of giving readers a better chance of launching a product successfully.

A white paper is produced off the back of each meeting and they are all free to download.

The white papers are available free to download thanks to the agency that specialises in Launch Marketing: Five by Five Global.


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Launching new products into retail

2021, November 11th
The retail channel has been disrupted more than any other and yet is finding ways to innovate and support new brands through...
Matt Lawton

Launching to disrupt a category

2021, November 11th
Sports, Video Games and Technology sectors live in a constantly disrupted universe. Matt Lawton, Five by Five’s Australian...
Matt Lawton

Technology launch lessons

2021, November 11th
Matt Lawton, Five by Five’s Australian MD and Nadia Cameron, Editor at CMO, facilitate this fifty minute discussion with t...
Matt Lawton