The impact of technology on marketing – key insights. White Paper #7.

This white paper focuses on the impact technology has made on launch campaigns and how new technology itself is being launched.

Technology is having a profound effect on how product launches are being managed by brands and experienced by consumers. Instagram has just begun testing a new feature to allow users to set reminders about new products being launched. It’s expected to fuel an already voracious appetite for new product lines that benefit from further word of mouth when they sell out in minutes.

Consumer brands in travel, food and drink and sports are embracing technology to ensure they remain current. Consider PUMA who opened the doors to its first North American flagship store in New York City with a focus on fully immersive experiences via tech-driven sports engagement zones, a customization studio, and digitally connected activations. Or Nike’s use of Snapchat to sell a specific line of sneakers.

We felt like this was the right time to dive headfirst into this topic with our panel of marketing experts and guest contributors. We welcomed Maria Loyez, CCO for Volt Bank who brings many years of experience in launching products in the UK and Australia.

Nicholas Cornelius is the former CMO of Pack and Send and has an impressive background in digital marketing including roles at the NRL, Electronic Arts and Halfbrick Studios. Daniel Gervais from Airbnb brings to the table a passion for brand and a diversity of experience in travel and hospitality that now informs his senior marketing role.

In terms of seniority, we welcomed two accomplished marketers from the world of tech as guests for the evening. Mari Kauppinen is Head of Marketing, Demand Generation at IBM and also Chair, Marketing Review Board, IBM ANZ. Lastly, Nick Reynolds is Vice President and CMO at Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning.

He was formerly the CMO at Lenovo but his tech credentials date back to spells at Dell and Apple. Several panellists were unable to attend but thanks to Dean Chadwick, CMO at Velocity for his post-event commentary.

This white paper was produced with the help of 5 panellists: