Launching a new product into Europe – What to remember. White Paper #6.

The last white paper covered launching a new product into Australia. With the looming Brexit deadline in place, our UK Launch Marketing Council members looked into what does it take for a company to launch a new brand or product into Europe and what things need to be remembered in order to ensure a higher rate of success.

With almost 3/4 billion people living in Europe across 44 countries and 24 languages, it’s no wonder that companies see this continent as a huge opportunity for growth. However with this vast array of countries comes a melting pot of contradicting histories, cultures and customs. People seem to think that although 28 of these countries are all signed up to one group, otherwise known as the European Union (soon to be 27!) that the same strategies can be applied across multiple countries.

You can understand why some companies may be slightly reticent though to take on the challenge of launching a new product in this current climate but the Launch Marketing Council’s key take away was positivity.

After all, launching is the key to driving vital growth in companies, the brands that continue to put money into them are the ones that will ultimately succeed.

We brought together 7 of Europe’s most experienced and talented launch strategists to share their insights, tools and knowledge on how to ensure that a companies bravery taken in launching a new product turns into a success. These members came from startups including what3words the whole way up to global corporations like Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser.

Themes covered include:

  • The fundamental importance of insight
  • Internal alignment
  • Cultural nuances
  • Brexit
  • The role of GDPR
  • Diversity & Inclusion
This white paper was produced with the help of 7 panellists: