Launching Subscriptions and Pivoting. White Paper #8.

This white paper focuses on the startup story of Simon Micarone, the Founder of Tummify. Along the way, we also uncover some insights around launching subscription services and present a planning model for launch marketing.

We welcomed back Maria Loyez, CCO for Volt Bank who brings many years of experience in launching products in the UK and Australia.

She is joined by Marmik Vyas, a senior marketer from NBN Co and Ken Russell who’s currently at BWS as Head of Marketing, CX and Brand. Also forming part of this year’s panel is Angus Jones, the former CMO of LG Electronics and Jo Gaines from Salesforce. Our thanks to them for contributing and to David Hovenden from B&T for chairing another discussion.

This white paper was produced with the help of 7 panellists: