Food innovation insights

There aren’t many industries that are undergoing as much innovation as food. Plant based protein brands like V2 and manufacturers are bringing new brands and products to market on a regular basis, testing and learning as consumer trends impact consumption habits.

Matt Lawton, Five by Five’s Australian MD and Nadia Cameron, Editor at CMO, facilitate this fifty minute discussion with two senior marketers who’ve been planning brand launches in food on a global scale. 

Pedro Demartini is a strategic and commercial marketer with over 20 years of experience in launching and managing global and local brands including KFC, Dove, Lipton Tea, Flora, Vaseline, Wicked Sister and Tefal.

Andrew May is the Chief Growth Officer at v2food, an Australian plant based food startup on its way to becoming a global household name.


2.16 – Panellists share their best and worst career examples of marketing launches

6.55 – The v2 brand proposition and building a new sustainable food system

10.55 – Adopting a pioneering and non-conformist approach to launch marketing

15.45 – How PDP is building the chilled desserts category with consumers and retailers

18.19 – Balancing research, intuition, communication and speed to market in new product development

21.44 – The power of retailers in new category and product launch success

28.40 – Innovation strategies and where the launch journey starts

31.13 – The rise of discovery brands, localisation and their impact on consumer choice

34.20 – Seeding launches through direct-to-consumer engagement and social media

37.55 – How packaging and sustainability demands help as well as hinders launching

44.08 – Horizons for measuring the success of launches short and long-term

Matt Lawton