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Australian Launch Marketing Council - March 2019

Earlier this year, a group of world marketing thought leaders congregated in Sydney, Australia to discuss and share their insight on how brands can more effectively launch into and out of Australia.

The panel identified several issues when importing launch campaigns from overseas from Australia being typically only a small fraction of global sales, which makes it challenging to build the case for any kind of dedicated effort to localising launch plans to some brands being so iconically linked to their country of origin thus making sense to present them authentically rather than with Australian accents.

Equally, there are issues when exporting launch marketing campaigns including Australia has a powerful and emotive identity as a country and that tends to be generally positive for consumer brands launching overseas. However, it may not be an attribute that has ever been reflected within Australia, so it can be inauthentic to suddenly promote your brand’s Aussie personality.

The council members included representatives from Airbnb and Volt Bank. Don’t miss out on these first-hand insights.

Alexis Eyre